Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Here is a piece of the Indonesian music of keroncong. To read more information about this video, please visit Bandung Daily Video's sister Bandung Daily Photo.

The song performed here is entitled "Keroncong Stambul Cha Cha".


  1. Hai Met kenal semua, blogmu oke nih. Siapa yg mau xlink gabung di follower this blog ama aku? kali aja bisa naikin traffic rank (popularitas blog/web)mu di dunia maupun Indonesia

  2. Fun videos! Thanks for sharing them:)

  3. This is very new to me. But the music sounds fun and lively. :)

    Meanwhile, I have another nerve-wracking ride entry. Curious about the The Tornado Ride? Visit my page if you have time. Have a great day. :)